GI Metal Azzurra line Board for pizza by the meter/in pala 25cm wide x 50cm long

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Ideal to bake pizza by the metre/in pala. One-side grip, with frontal milling, for helping both the taking hold and the release of the pizza into the oven. Contrary to the traditional wooden boards, the use of the aluminium makes the item light, strong, long-lasting and hygienic.

You can use the board for many preparation: from the roman pinsa (with the 25x50 cm size) to the 1 meter pizza (with the 40x110 cm size) and many other products from the bakery world. 

Benefits: Light - Easy-slide -Easy-clean, more hygienic than wood -Long lasting

With one single tool you can put in the oven, rotate and take out the pizza

Material: Neutral anodised aluminium